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Here I Come: 3-Module Mini Series

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About Join Nadia and Jillian for this 3-day masterclass mini series. Discover who you are here to be. Rise up out of fear and uncertainty and step forth into all you are meant to be with eagerness, vision, inspiration and clarity. Shine bright and let others be astonished by your power and transformation! Call 1 - Aspire Call 2 - Ascend Call 3 - Astound This is for the person that is eager to move on their vision. That wants to reconnect with themselves and stoke their inner fire. What’s Included: -Three 90-minute recordings that include: Journal prompts, energy healing, Reiki, visualizations, teachings, inspirational passages/statements, soul prompting/reflecting/integration opportunities so you can awaken to truth and establish clarity and do the integration work as you move through this three-module journey. -Daily integration homework after each day -Lifetime access Start your journey to step into your full self and ASTOUND! Universe, Here I Come!

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