Rise Wellness Collective is your Home to Harmony! A safe haven where all are welcome. Here, through the power of collective, you can shine your light and step into power.

You already hold the key to accessing your joy. Rise Wellness Collective just has the tools to help guide you back home.

Rise Wellness Collective offers a variety of virtual Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and healing classes, workshops, privates, and retreats.

Founded by Jillian Locke + Nadia Yanuziello: two soul sisters whose yoga and life journeys aligned to bring one another together in perfect synchronicity, Rise Wellness Collective recognizes the call to tune into your wellness needs and desires and bring together a collective of individuals to provide you with the various tools, offerings, and resources that extend into your daily life.

We welcome you with open hearts. Join us in rising and shining together in perfect harmony!




Check our our Virtual Class Schedule and our Workshops and Spend Some Time With Us


We offer a variety of deep dive transformational programs that help remove barriers to align you to your most authentic, fully-expressed life. Our signature programs infuse our unique blend of wisdom teachings, healing, and movement, which aim to empower, nurture, and enhance your clarity, your self-knowledge, and your life!

Our workshops and events create an inviting sanctuary for you to join together in harmony as a collective where you feel seen, heard, valued, and supported.

Unique workshops and events provide a space for you to connect without fear of judgement in a safe haven and bask in your innate beauty and wisdom.

Each workshop/event will focus on a different theme and may incorporate a variety of modalities to enhance your wellness journey including yoga, meditations, reiki, guided journaling, and more.



Tired of feeling sick and tired and frankly, out of options when it comes to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health?


One-on-one therapeutic healing through yoga and energetic healingprovides major life improvements through personalized physical, mental and energetic healing catered to you and you alone.  

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"Unreal how the work you two do has the ability to trickle down in ways you may not even realize. I am eternally grateful. You have significantly improved and enhanced my life...you two are a constant shining light. In my life and I am sure in countless others. 

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