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Navigate the Full Moon's energy with

Rise Wellness Collective's MOON PAGES


We are so thrilled to be able to offer this supportive content to you. In addition to the moon's luminous beauty, the energy surrounding the cycles of the moon has a profound impact on our lives. We have benefited firsthand by exploring the power of the moon and learning to harness specific energies to enhance our lives, and we’re so excited to share our learnings and tips to guide you in this way. 

What's Included: Each 8-page guide includes specific moon wisdom, journal prompts, affirmations, crystals, oils and music that aligns to the energy of each full moon.  We have a specific edition of Moon Pages for each full moon astrological sign. Email us with which edition you are looking for!

Energy Clearing Elixir by Cleansing Cavern


Energy Clearing Elixir handmade locally with all Natural, Organic & Vegan ingredients.

Whether you spray on the go, at home or places you can’t use traditional smudge, this spray is the perfect new addition to your practice.

Shake your Elixir - we love the sound the Quartz makes in the bottle - and feel yourself and your space being cleansed. You are now ready for meditation, manifestation, divination, reiki, crystal healing, yoga and just about anything your ready to cleanse for!

Price: $25

To purchase: Head to

Bring the Power of Positivity to your home with Glow Kiddo Glow Affirmations!


Our mission through the Glow Kiddo Glow affirmation cards is to help provide opportunities to support, encourage, teach and inspire kiddos to glow from within on their journey of self-discovery; to celebrate differences and infuse each day with love and understanding; to share their beautiful lights into the world to create a better future.

What's Included: These durable cards are great for little hands, and they come housed in a hard case box. The deck includes 29 unique and beautiful affirmation cards and 1 welcome card with guidance on how to use affirmations.

Price: $32.50 +  HST

To purchase: Head to 

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