There are many reasons why you could benefit from personalized healing practices. One one one support allows you and your practitioner to cater your session directly to you.

Whether you are new to energetic healing or not, private support through Reiki, therapeutic yoga, and Oracle wisdom will leave you feeling truly seen, providing you with deeper access to yourself.


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  • 60-minute fully personalized reading ($222 + hst)

    250.86 Canadian dollars
  • Intuitive empowerment coaching using human design + more ($777 + hst)

    878.01 Canadian dollars
  • Intuitive empowerment coaching using human design + more ($222 + hst)

    250.86 Canadian dollars
  • Deep healing with intuitive support / various modalities ($277 + hst)

    313.01 Canadian dollars
  • Intuitive bio-energetic healing session ($277 + hst)

    313.01 Canadian dollars
  • ($100 + hst)

    113 Canadian dollars
  • Private distance trauma clearing and energy realignment ($100 + hst)

    113 Canadian dollars
  • Chakra balancing w/ report of findings if applicable ($65 + hst)

    73.45 Canadian dollars
  • Intuitive channeled messages and guidance ($88 + hst)

    99.44 Canadian dollars
Human Design

Your unique Human Design is your 100% unique blueprint. Understanding your design helps you unlock the key to moving through your world in the way you are meant to!


During Human Design Readings, you'll receive a 60-minute individual virtual reading where we'll dive into your unique design and how you can move into alignment and ease with your design!


We'll cover your Human Design type, strategy, authority, centres, profile, and more.

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching

You know you desire to access your most empowered and authentic life, but you feel stuck with where you're at and you want to collapse time and call in your manifestations with ease and flow. This 1:1 container is for you if you are ready to level-up, remove blocks, be held in support, and fully step into your power and most abundant and joyful life.

  1. Four 1:1 calls / month + Voxer support

  2. One 1:1 call + Voxer support for that week

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