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Human Design Projector and Manifesting Generator
Jillian and Nadia

Jillian here to declare that “Gens and Mani-Gens! THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR MAGIC!” 💫

Nadia and I have always felt a beautiful infinite weaving of our energies. As soul sisters and business partners, we’ve been able to balance, uplift, expand, and activate one another in so many aspects of life and business. ♾

We always marvelled at how effortless it was to do this for one another…and then we learned each of our human designs, and we understood WHY this came so naturally to us.

I am 4/6 Splenic Projector. Nadia is 6/2 Emotional Manifesting Generator.

Together, we are literally designed to bring balance, wisdom, perspective, connection, expansion, excitement, depth, breadth, harmony and unity to all we create, teach, and be.

Our defined heart centres ignites and drives us with passion, fuelling our purpose to lead. And our defined spleens help us access such deep intuitive knowing, while our open heads help us stay connected to infinite possibility.

As a Manifesting Generator, Nadia thrives off of my focus and projection power. It creates depth, perspective and clarity. As a Projector, I thrive off of her high-vibe exciting, passionate MG power. I NEED that energy. It fuels me, expands me, activates me!

So Gens and Mani-Gens, on behalf of us non-energy types (Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors) THANK YOU! We NEED you in your highest vibrational frequency. Your energy is what deeply impacts that of those around you.

When you are moving in alignment and flowing, following those sacral yessssssses and following that fire, it fuels the fire for the rest of us too! 🔥

There are sooo many ways to stoke that sacral fire. If you’ve been feeling that flame fading lately, reach out. It’s ready to be ignited once again so that you can experience the fullness that your design has to offer!

Our whole mission at Rose Wellness Collective is to expand this and create a home for others to join in on the vibe of soul-nurturing harmony, balancing the dualistic energies within us all. We help you embody your true design and transform your energies to shift your trajectory to ensure that all works out in your highest good.

In becoming self aware, studying and integrating the lessons of our own individual human design, we have discovered a personalized gateway to a realm of infinite possibility, that together, we can help you access and discover based on your own unique design to support you your self-leadership in the rise of your soul towards your destiny and purpose!


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