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When limiting beliefs creep in, what do you choose?

Today I was feeling like shit about myself.

Something I had launched didn’t go the way I wanted, and then I had joined another person’s masterclass just to see them launch almost the exact same concept, but if I’m being honest, executed better.

I was impressed. I was jealous. I was feeling less than.

Unworthiness was creeping up FAST, and I knew I had to do something to shut down the negative self talk.

I zoomed out for a moment.

💭There must be a reason I was called to sign up for this offering last minute. (And the reason certainly wasn’t to feel like crap)

💭What is this trying to teach me? 

- That there is an amazing way I could do something in the future that really resonates with me.

- That when I trust my instinct / splenic hit to join something, there is a reason. Taking illogical action gave me the clarity and inspiration for my next offering: to hone my skill and level up for the next time around. 

- That when faced with an example of someone doing something to the calibre that I wish to show up, I can either choose to slide into imposter syndrome and not enoughness and let my light dim, or I can choose to see the lessons, inspiration and expansion and let it stoke my fire.

Same situation. Different mindsets.

Reframing negative thoughts is a massive skill: one that we need to continually cultivate so we can see the possibility that is in front of us instead of letting self-sabotage reign supreme.

If you’ve ever felt sucked in by a negative thought, you’re certainly not alone, but you don’t have to stay in it. And you certainly don’t have to be alone in it.

That’s why Nadia and I created The Reframe 🎞️✨

Because there is nothing more powerful than being held and supported by a group of self-led humans than are bravely choosing to step out of lack thought patterns and into belief in self and growth mindset.

We all NEED humans surrounding us that see the best in us. That hear our fears, hold us through them, but remind us of our magic.

The Reframe is this space. It’s there whenever you’re feeling the call 🤍

Live coaching, common limiting belief topics reframed. Alchemy.

Monthly options or annual. Come and go anytime!

Check it out here:

Xo Jillian

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