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Written by Nadia.

I believe and invest in my worth.

Have you ever pulled away, denied, rejected or convinced yourself because of fear that you aren't good enough for something/someone or capable or worthy enough to have/hold/attract it?

Maybe they possess a quality you lack so you feel low and down on yourself and put them on a pedestal and see yourself as not being worthy of the connection.

Telling yourself they are too organized, smart, loved and you can't keep up or fit in with them.

Lack mentality.

Sometimes we are so present and familiar in our own ways that we reject other perspectives and close off the opportunity to explore and expand and evolve into better. It feels easier to sit in the same than change and allow and accept that better may be available, especially when better takes responsibility, commitment, and investment.

Who has the time, energy and effort?

But the truth is: if you want better, you have to be okay with holding yourself accountable to becoming a match for it.

Alignment is a choice to let go of habits, beliefs and systems that are not serving the next level you are setting your sails to.

You must commit to discovering and strengthening yourself and developing the skills and mindset necessary to navigate and live in another realm of possibilities.

Are you choosing to stay stuck by not moving and exploring other opportunities and settling for what is familiar, known, and comfortable?

Or are you saying “Ahhh it ain't going to be easy or comfortable, but I desire it, and I am going to do and be who I need to live in that realm of possibility and feel awesome and harmonious there l, or recognize that it is a stepping stone to more and better. Either way I choose to step up, rise, believe, and invest in abundance. I recognize I can't stay still and in the shit and expect better. I have to trust and listen to what I know and lead myself to better. I have to put in the "work" necessary to overcome the blocks which are keeping me from being all that I can and having all I desire. I have learned my strength and capability, so all I need is to get clear/recognize/discern what is truly for me, release what is not without attachment, and then take responsibility and move with integrity, knowing I have the autonomy to make whatever I dream come true for me and devote myself to making it my new reality.”

We don’t want to accept and stay stuck in those low vibration thoughts and slow frequency feelings of being down, hard, critical, judgemental, rejecting and feeling bad towards yourself (which lead to staying stuck, shame, guilt, disconnection and isolation). Staying quiet and alone in harbouring these fear-based beliefs and feelings is a very unhealthy, disharmonious place to live.

To move out of this, it is essential to share your true feelings in a safe space and invest in the tools and support that feed love and light during dark, isolating times in order to break free and soar. This is courageous work. It is committing to transforming, channeling, redirecting, reframing, reprogramming, de-conditoning, unlearning, breaking free, and healing so that you may experience awakening, opening, evolution, expansion, activation, inspiration, aspiration ascension into the next phase/level of self.

This is Metamorphosis 🦋


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