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Jillian Locke

“Our relationship and partnership has been so empowering, inspiring, and positively  impactful. It truly embodies strength, joy, compassion, harmony and comfort. It helps to align us with our highest selves so we can show up as our best self in all roles we play in our lives as women, entrepreneurs, teachers, friends, sisters, daughters, wives etc. We wish to extend this to the collective because who doesn’t need and deserve that kind of connection and what a benefit it plays in all realms of your life!” - Jillian

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Nadia Yanuziello

“We met during Yoga Teacher Training back in 2017 and there was such a strong gravitational force drawing us together. Our connection always felt so organic, joyful and purposeful. Since meeting we had an inner knowing that we were destined to work together and bring together a soul connected wellness community.”  - Nadia

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