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August Celebration Post & Formula for Having it All!

Have you ever looked at someone else and thought- why me/why not me? In relation to what you experience/ what they have which you feel you lack?

This is the energetic fear energy of jealousy.

It is so easy to compare and feel this especially in the age of social media.

Whether we care to admit it or not, we often look outside ourselves and consider others ideals and expectations in establishing our definitions of success/perfect?

Reflection Prompts

  • Where outside of yourself have you been focusing lately?

  • What have you been fixating on?

  • What have you been feeling and thinking about your current results (or lack there of)?

  • Where are you comparing yourself? Telling yourself you don't have enough?

  • Where do you feel you are lacking or falling below the line/behind/beneath others?

  • Where are you and who are you comparing yourself to, putting others or certain circumstances on a pedestal and creating a narrative about yourself or their circumstances based on the reality you see?

  • How can you shift out of lack and begin to utilize your thoughts,time, and energy to move you closer to having and being where you desire to be rather than fixating on feeling and dwelling on the belief that it feels far away from where you are at?

  • What are you desiring?

  • What would be most meaningful?

  • What are you grateful for and what of value do you currently do/have/be and how can you build an experience aligned with the desire?

  • What can you do or utilize right now to shift the experience out of lack and begin to elevate your mind/feelings to build toward what you are ultimately desiring?

Rather than believe the narrative they have more help/money/time etc. How can you have more of what they are having that you are desiring, because here is the kicker, with intention and belief in self you CAN!

Here is the formula!

✨️Get clear on the desire.

✨️Accept it and believe you are worthy and capable of it.

✨️Release negative self talk that intercepts your ability and willingness to go for it and make it happen.

✨️Use your mind to support you.

✨️Maybe there are key things you need to integrate to support the desire. Do what needs to be done.

✨️Do your research.

✨️To get the results you must first get clear on what, then devote to the practice of believing in and walking towards it and allow whatever else is meant to unfold flow as it is divinely intended.

✨️Trust you are making strides towards it and celebrate every step in the journey.

Prompts to Dive Deeper into Clarity

So what is the desire for you?

Are you clear in what you want to happen on the other side of what you are frustrated/bitter/angry/disappointed over not experiencing?

What is the fear/low trying to guide you to recognize about yourself and the edge you have reached?

This is an indiciation that you are ready for an evolution and change, a level up.

What would be the aligned shift/pivot for you?

Face the truth with courage and an open mind and heart.

With enthusiasm and a sense of wonder in establishing what is true and next for you and doing your work honestly in being called in and stepping up.

Celebrate the ability to tune inward, to be present to new awareness, and the willingness/clarity/availability/motivation to face the truth, believe in self, make the pivot, take the leap, and rise.

We are Celebrating you brave wise divine soul ✨️ ❤️

Let us know your wins this month and what the highlights of your summer have been.

What you have focused on, what you plan to shift, and where you desire to be. 

It is a beautiful harmony when you can dance the line between appreciation and recognition for all that is, and aspire towards bigger greater things than you have yet to know in your journey thus far.

To love and also desire.

To not let the human experience deter you out of your soul's calling and mission.

To integrate as you evolve.

Utilize your focus and energy to put valuable effort towards that which will allow you to feel fulfilled and enriched within your heart, soul, and life.

You get to make this life one for the books.

You write the book. It is yours. You decide the subject matter, the main characters, the climax. Give it your all. Breathe heart, soul and life into it. Celebrate every chapter in the evolution, how far you have come, all that you already cherish about your life and who you currently are.

You are already rich- you already possess the keys to living the most beautiful abundant life. You just have to tap in and activate the wisdom codes and believe you are worthy of all you desire or better 🤍💫🕊

We love and are celebrating you endlessly💐🤗💞


Nadia + Jillian

Rise Wellness Collective

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