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The Girl I Once Was...

Once upon a time there was a girl with depth in her heart but so much fear that she never felt the courage to open up and share it.

She didn't know who she was here to be.

She didn't feel true connection, love, and confidence.

She felt misplaced, and misunderstood.



She would please others at the expense of herself

Prioritizing others feelings and comfort over her own truth and inner voice.

She was not aware of her gifts or purpose.

She didn't see the value within herself.

She didn't feel and know her worth.

She sought outwardly for approval, validation, and attention from others.

She believed everyone but her had it figured out and together.

She never recognized that she was living life on a surface level until she discovered the spiritual path ✨️

It started with just a step in the door

Trying something (Reiki) for the first time

In each session she felt love, clarity.

She received wisdom, guidance, support, nurturing.

She had never experienced anything like it

Session by session, she began to awaken.

She began to make choices as a result of the visions, insights, breakthroughs, conversations.

She felt such amazing energy.

She was in awe of the experience and her mentor.

That girl, you may know her. You may feel one with her. Once upon a time that was my reality until I found my truth. Now she is a past version of myself. Someone I have learned to love, feel compassion for, and who I now have the ability to mentor, guide, nurture, lead, love, and support. She will always be a part of me but it was the moment I went for Reiki when I started to shed that layer. The false self and connect with my true self. Move out of fear, lack, worry, and my head. Allow for my soul to rise, my heart to open, my expression, and expansion.

It was the moment I was sitting in awe of my Reiki mentor and I was singing her praise and my mentor said "You too are all that you see in me. I am a mirror to you"🪞

I rejected that (and myself) so hard.

I remember how uncomfortable I got imagining that the words I just said of praise to my mentor were me saying to myself and I couldn't deal.

It was the first moment I realized/felt how low my self esteem and value of self was.

Once you know, you then have the opportunity and power to do something about it.

I am so grateful for my mentors who believed in me and saw in me what I couldn't at the time see in myself. My innate beauty, purpose, gifts and soul calling. 💕 🥹

The invitations to work with them and get on the track to fulfill my life's purpose.

The guidance to recognize the aligned choices that led me on this evolutionary journey.

The learning, self discovery, and self mastery never ends. I used to strive for perfection of self.

But that has shifted and transformed so much for me. Instead of looking to be 💯% complete/certain/together I allow it to get messy when it needs to. I have stopped shaming myself and rejecting myself for falling below the line in any area. I Instead refine my focus and stay attuned to a higher vision. A higher version.

I release comparing myself to others or seeking others approval.

I apply my spiritual tools to my life multiple times a day. It is so integrated into my being and experience it is as natural as breathing for me.

I have supported the transformation, breakthrough, and rise of so many incredible souls.

I have been the inspiration for mentors to expand their teachings.

I am open to exploring possibilities.

I have deep rooted trust in myself (and meaningful others)

I see the best in others and invest time, love, and energy into all they are. Meeting them where they are at, supporting then in feeling light, clear, free, and inspired ✨️ ♥️

Holding a light to the higher vision of self.

Who they are here to truly be.

What they are meant to know/do in this moment

I am so grateful for every single step on this journey.

The hardships have developed me into this amazing woman who knows her strength, worth, value, gifts, mission.

Who is deeply connected. To self. To the divine. To significant others (friends, family, mentors, my daughter, my magical ways "strangers"- those chance encounters where you smile knowingly feeling this deep inner connection that can't be explained).

Life is not meant to be smooth, linear, easy, uneventful, predictable, perfect.

It can be rocky. Emotional. Full of turmoil and tragic events.

But you don't have to hold onto them.

You don't have to let them cast a shadow over you and bury you alive.

Together we can lighten the energetic, emotional, physical, mental load.

Lead you to the deep inner knowing and truth of what it is meant to show you/guide you to.

Make the necessary shifts.

Transform out of lack, anchor into worthiness, and evolve into the beautiful abundant self empowered being you are meant to become.

I see you. I feel you. I was there. I have the tools and the gifts that can transform your experience.

Let's go on an adventure. Go within and rise up into your fullest potential.

I believe in you.

I believe in us working together to support what is in your highest good.


It is an honour to be chosen to support you

In doing so we both get to thrive and align with our soul's purpose/missions.

I look forward to connecting with you ✨️

If you feel there is more/better available and you are struggling to identify/rise into it. Let's connect! Send me a DM and we can discuss how to support you in where you are at and where you aspire to be.

Together we can create a vision of self that is higher than you may feel possible based on past/present circumstances. We will collapse time and align you with your true calling. Support you in feeling light, free, joyful, and connected now.

The best is yet to come. Let's start attracting the abundant joyful meaningful experiences now.

You are so worthy of receiving the love and support your heart is yearning for.



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