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Come Rise or Come Fall...

Photo By Leah Smith Branding

Things do not always work out how we hope, dream, plan, envision, imagine or want.

That can hit us really hard.

It can lead us to feel defeat. Disappointment.

At the extreme, Depression.

Like we have failed.

It hits hardest and feels heaviest when we have truly went all in, given it all we have. Devoted to it. Believed it was going to be different, better, with every fibre of your being.

Sometimes those feelings lead us to give up. We can feel let down by others, life overall, ourselves. In the low our ego can convince us it doesn’t get better than this, that we should give up, stop trying, stop caring, stop going for it.

We lose hope when we are down.

The pain can lead us to feel afraid, alone, unprotected, unloved, misunderstood, out of place, and insecure. Lost.

I have been there many times.

I have felt grief. I have felt heartbreak. I have felt deep disappointment.

I have wanted to give up on myself and others.

I have felt unsure of myself and how to move forward.

Let me share something with you

It feels that when you reach this place all hope is lost and success feels far out of reach.

We feel it is the end.

It is a beginning, we just cannot see through the dark to know it.

Whether we have fallen or are rising is a matter of perspective and frame of mind.

Timing. Patience. Perseverance

We don’t recognize how close we are to something great.

Our ego/human hurts and is desperate to escape the discomfort and find ease from pain and suffering.

You have reached the edge and are on the verge of a breakthrough

This is where the work and being radically honest, nurturing and supportive of yourself becomes essential.

To reach the next level, to rise up through the dark, you must choose to believe in more than you have experienced or known to be possible.

You must restore your faith and resist the urge to isolate, abandon, reject, and become sceptical. You must trust in yourself and the universe/God/Nature to course correct and lead you to what is truly for you.

To conspire with you to build.