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Get to Know Jillian!

Meet Jillian, co-founder of Rise Wellness Collective, through a few questions here.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Committed, Funny, Compassionate

What brought you to yoga?

Growing up dancing competitively, I initially tried yoga as a physical activity that I thought might be similar to dance (you know, group class, follow a sequence...sounded pretty similar, right?) I immediately felt something different when practicing, feeling a peace come over me that I hadn’t experienced before during exercise. The more classes I took, the more hooked I was. As I continue to practice, I fall more in love with yoga as not only physical exercise, but also a way of life. Yoga has taught me so many life skills that help me day to day, and has also helped me know myself more clearly. And as a teacher, sharing the ancient wisdom of the practice of yoga as a roadmap for a better life is a joy I can't describe!

Why did you want to start Rise Wellness Collective?

There is such a pervasive feeling of overwhelm, busy, isolation and exhaustion in our current world (especially where we live in the Greater Toronto Area), and through yoga and community, both Nadia and I know there are tools that can help the busy family/person truly LIVE BETTER and feel like they can bring those tools into their homes to benefit their lives. Nadia and I have always felt a strong universal push to build something meaningful together that can support and be of service to others (specifically after an incredibly powerful day of clarity a few years back at the first ever Toronto Wellness Market). We know that Rise Wellness Collective is exactly that Home to Harmony that individuals and families are looking for, and through community, yoga, reiki, meditation and other wellness modalities, we know you’ll collectively be able to bring more harmony back into your homes and their lives.

What is something not many know about yo­u?

If you don’t know me personally yet, you might not know that I am a mama to twin girls: Eleanor and Chantal, the loves of my life along with my husband. A few weeks before I knew I was pregnant with them, I kept seeing 11:11 EVERYWHERE, and throughout my entire pregnancy and since, it’s the number sequence I see ALL THE TIME. I learned that 11:11 can represent twin flames, so I like to think that it was the universe telling me about the twins right away! One other (not so) fun fact: my fingers and toes go numb in 10-degree weather. I’m already plotting my migration south!


Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Sivasana or Downdog? Sivasana

Cats or dogs? Dogs

Coffee or tea? Tea

TV shows or movies? TV shows (NETFLIX!)

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