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Get to know Nadia!

Meet Nadia, co-founder of Rise Wellness Collective, through a few questions here.

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Open, Positive, Intuitive

What brought you to yoga?

Originally I went without realizing what I was seeking. I thought, yogis have these awesome bodies I want that!! I started with Moksha heated classes but I realized it was not about that for me. When I ended up finding Reiki it guided me down the spiritual path about soul and spiritual and it became a practice of energy and connection to self. Just show up and trust what feels right, trying yoga in one space or with one teacher might not be the right fit. Just as there are so many cafe's and styles of foods and beverages Yoga is something that is being offered in various spaces and methods by many different types of people. Try as many as you can and find a community, style, teacher and space that speaks to your soul and makes you learn so much and have many feel good ah-ha moments. That is what yoga is all about, getting out of your head and into your heart. Yoga helped me find myself and become who and what I love. But not all yoga classes are for me and that is okay!!!

Why did you want to start Rise Wellness Collective?

It was truly like a light-bulb just turned on and lit me up. I was at the Wellness Market in 2017 just after graduating yoga teacher training and felt so inspired and aligned. Sitting there with my soul sister we both just started flowing with ideas and it was an inner knowing this is our what!! And at that point we had no idea all that was around the corner for us. We ended up pregnant at the same time (due the same week 1 day apart lol!) And then took some time to enjoy and focus on our pregnancies and mothering then came out stronger and more clear than ever!! We had lots of phone and in person meetings discussing our why as well as breakthrough calls with the amazing Natalie who runs the Wellness Market!! It is amazing how so much in life is interconnected and how things layer and guide you. Natalie said if women can birth a human then absolutely they are capable of birthing a business!! It was being fired while on maternity leave that was the push I needed to take the leap and trust the process. I have never felt so invigorated, devoted, inspired, flowing and aligned as I have with the process of creating content and offerings. Working with Jillian is a dream come true. We work so effortlessly together and know this is what we are meant to be doing. It feels so right and easeful!

What is something not many know about yo­u?

I used to write poems and stories ever since I could put pen to paper, probably as early as three years old! I loved writing so much that it was my way of expressing my feelings and frustration. I would leave letters, poems, notes and stories around the house in hopes my parents would read them and know what I was feeling if I was sad or upset and give them insight into my soul and to help them better understand me. Though they respected my privacy too much to read them! Lol Also I was very close to going to University for Journalism but instead chose to study Communication Studies with a double major in Psychology.


Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Sunrise or sunset? sunset

Sivasana or Downdog? Sivasana

Cats or dogs? Cats

Coffee or tea? Tea

TV shows or movies? Movies

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