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Projectors, the world needs your depth and guidance to reframe success!

Jillian here!

When I learned and started embodying my Projector Human Design, my life changed.

I started to recognize that I wasn’t “wrong” for needing so much time and space to myself to recharge.

I started to see my ability to see and know things deeply as a gift, not just an assumption that it was something everyone could do.

I started to realize I was meant to work smarter, not harder.

I started to realize that I got to define success on my own terms, not society’s.

What does success mean to me?

It means spaciousness in my day. It means deep connection. It means so much quality time, with family, friends, and myself. It means letting myself receive, and taking focused action when I get the splenic hit to move. Success means leading myself fearlessly through new uncharted territory. It means deep spiritual connection, and increased magnetism. Success means having more than enough, but not from a place of striving and comparison. Success means trusting myself above all else.

Did success always look and feel like this to me?


Before I really tapped into my Human Design journey and aligned to what it meant to be a 4/6 Splenic Projector, success was defined by a million things outside of me: getting the right grades, having the right material items, getting the next promotion, proving myself on some never ending ladder of acquiring badges and stars.

The former kind of success felt so empty to me, because it wasn’t me. It was defined by something outside of myself.

Leaning so heavily into my human design has changed everything.

And that’s why I’m beyond excited to re-launch this next round of Projector Possibility again this year ✨

If you’re a projector and you’re wanting to learn to channel and embody those unique traits and gifts in a meaningful way to work for YOU and your life, this is for you!!!



Join me for this 2-week group coaching program designed specifically for Human Design Projectors!

△ Play in the realm of spaciousness, ease and recognition.

△ Use your innate powers of focus and depth to your advantage.

△ Embody your Projector possibility and watch your life transform!

When I tapped into my own Human Design projector embodiment, my life transformed.

Together, we will move through activations, reflections and discussions to deepen your understanding of your projector powers!


* Group coaching program via Voxer

* Check-ins and regular activations throughout our 2-weeks together

* We will start April 11


* $77 current pricing until March 24

* Will go up to $177


* 1:1 1/2 Day Voxer coaching for only $111 (regularly $177)

I can't wait to begin!


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