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Rise or Fall - Re-Igniting the Light within.

Nadia here 👋

Last night I felt myself slipping into fear and uncertainty. The darkness was creeping in. It was all valid and with good reasoning. Worry over the what if. The fear stories over being alone, unprotected, not being enough and life being hard. Feeling powerless and defeated, losing hope and faith in myself and the possibility of things working out for me. Focus on "not enough". Lack of time, support etc.

This was a quick internal sinking feeling that snuck up on me but with all the work to become self aware and practices and tools I commit to I caught myself, trusted myself and led myself through pulling upon all my past teachings and filing cabinet of innate soul centred wisdom.

Scroll down to continue reading to see how I sparked the light & faith within ✨️

I lit a candle and gave a prayer using my mind to express gratitude to the divine and instead of using my mind to focus on what could go wrong I started to have gratitude for all the love and support amidst the storms. The people, including people I spoke to but never met or may never see or have dinner with, who gave me compassion, patience and kindness. A listening ear. Phone calls, hugs, resources, referrals, kindness can come through a variety of portals. I deeply grateful for all love, guidance and blessings in whatever form or method they come and open to reveive the love and support. For all of it I hold the faith, I feel and receive the love and value, I give thanks from the depths of my heart 💞💝🙏

I practiced gratitude and then my heart expanded and my mind opened. I became inspired and it led me down a path full of faith which resulted in me receiving additional support. Had I stopped when I experienced the doubt and fear, had I not leaned into and opened to receive faith & love I wouldn't have gone the extra mile and now I am that much closer and feel so much better. I felt I was sinking but I used my power and mind, I chose to rise. I found a reason to keep going, I asked for what I needed and got clear on where I was at and where I desired to go.

So just remember what you decide in each moment holds so much power. You get to choose whether to cower and settle or whether to believe in your power even when your mind or circumstances make you feel lack. You can lean into belief in best case scenario and choose to believe you are worthy of the best quality life and choose with high standards and consideration of how you want to feel and what your intentions are. Root into and move from whats most meaningful to you and surround and fill yourself with what serves to support and nurture that and enstill the tools and awareness to encourage you to build and navigate a life aligned with it.

We always have a choice even when the pressure, fear, doubt or disappointment- the lack we have experienced in the past- tries to act as proof which fuels doubt and discourages us. You get to decide what you believe and you get to choose how you invest your time, energy and efforts to support your beliefs. If your beliefs are not lifting you then I invite you to surrender. To stop fighting, resisting, controlling and forcing. Stop holding in and on and reliving the pain. I invite you to open your mind and heart. We are scared of disappointment so we don't go for it, we don't want to have faith out of fear it won't happen. We are so much stronger and more capable than we give ourselves credit for. When we want something bad enough we need to believe in our worth, in ourselves and our opportunity. Be open to trusting and being led in a way that feels aligned and that feeds us the energy of gratitude, love and support.

Going for it will lead you to what is meant for you and no matter what you will be okay. It's better to go after it than give up and tap out without even leading yourself to discover whether it was possible for you in the first place. Better to know and learn than wonder and wish. What are you desiring more of or to lead yourself to find/develop/discover? Are you taking the steps or are you making up reasons why you can't? No shame but shining a light to become aware so you can rise up and shine. You are so worthy of reaching your fullest potential. Seek and you shall find, Ask and you shall receive. I am a believer, advocate, and guider of the highest good. What are you choosing to believe?

We all experience nightmares, but that doesn't mean we neglect our need to sleep or abandon/reject/deny our ability and the possibility for the most beautiful dream to occur✨️ what are you making the past mean and what are you allowing to inform your choices- fear & doubt or faith & love.

Take that pain, fear, worry and channel it, transmute it and use it as fuel that ignites the fire within to propel you towards your desires instead of giving it the power to extinguish your inner light and take you down. ❤️‍🔥🎆🕯

Remember light, support, compassion and love is always available. It lives within you unconditionally. Stay tuned for a very heart centred powerful offering being released to support you. Launching details tonight Follow us on Instagram for more details ✨️

We love to support you in coming home to harmony.

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